Five Words


We're visual storytellers, and storytelling is all about simplicity.  For every project we undertake, we identify five keywords that infuse every element of the endeavor.  
Here are ours.


Esse quam videri ("To be rather than to seem") is a simple mantra that says volumes.  (It's also the North Carolina state motto, where we both came up)  More recently, "Be true to yourself and you will never fall" (Michael Diamond) are words we live by.


We're not here by accident; we're filmmakers because we choose to be. Our past lives as a doctor and a behavioral change consultant have instilled in us a work ethic, an appreciation for our craft, and a drive to act with intention. Our filmmaking reflects that.  


Philosopher James Brown (RIP) had much to say about soul, but he never defined it. And if the Godfather didn't, we're not even going to try. Fortunately, it doesn't need definition; it's something you feel and understand, and it's what we strive for in our lives and work.


We prioritize substance over style, but style is pretty damn important.  We've both spent a lot of time behind the lens and we are particular about aesthetics.  We're not content to convey the world as it is, we're trying to convey it as it could be.


Inspiration (literally, breathing in) gives life. Every film starts as a simple idea, and our goal is to faithfully transfer that original vision to the viewer.  Let us work with you to bring your film into reality and share it with the world. 

"Inspiration, move me brightly.  Light the song with sense and color, hold away despair."
(R. Hunter) 


Tommy Day
Wilmington, NC

How do you go from being a sports medicine physician to an award winning filmmaker?  Ask Tommy.  Raised in the southeast and lured to the pacific northwest by vast canyons and singular mountains, he is driven by the notion that we should all be true to ourselves. He cut his teeth on film at the Northwest Film Center in Portland, Oregon and since then has had work featured in The Banff Mountain Film Festival, Sedona International Film Festival, the Vancouver International Film Festival, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), Portland Kids' Film Festival, and the Portland Art Museum.  

Life is one finite, but wild ride and we're here to inspire your view of it.  Want to learn more about what we're doing at Reel23 to tell meaningful stories featuring real people? Or maybe you just want to talk film/gear/life.  Either way, give us call or drop us a line-we're keen!



J.P. Rose
Fairfax, CA

I first picked up a video camera in the early 80s, when Dad brought home a gigantic RCA shoulder mount that required half a VCR to operate.  I was immediately hooked; even then, I understood the power of the visual image to tell a story. Now, as a filmmaker, I help people and companies tell their stories through images and simple, impactful words.

In addition to making films I'm personally interested in, I am also the Creative Director for a consulting company that specializes in behavioral change ( where I combine the science of influencing behavior with the art of visual storytelling to help clients grow and navigate change successfully. 

I'm grateful to do this for a living and would love to help you tell your story.  Thanks for coming by and checking us out.

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